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Hi, I’m Jodie, thank you so much for taking the time to visit Hestia’s homeware site!


If you're like me then you’ll agree that you feel happier and healthier when you find ways to incorporate nature into your home. In our home, our kitchen is green, the living room is terracotta, our bedroom headboard is a cloud print, and we have an ever-growing houseplant jungle. However, you don’t need to go crazy in order to bring a sprinkling of the outside world indoors. Adding dried flowers styled in a hand-built pottery vase, a painting of palm trees, a seagrass basket or a cotton macrame wall hanging are all easy, subtle nods to nature. 


It’s been my dream from the very beginning to curate a range of high quality, handmade home décor products to help you feel closer to nature at home. Named after the Greek goddess, who was celebrated for bringing warmth into the home, Hestia showcases a range of independent artists, designers and makers, with a focus on handmade and sustainable products that effortlessly add character and make your house feel more homely...

About Us

Our Tree Planting Pledge

Hestia is an 'environment first' business, which means we are conscious to source most of our products from independents artists and makers here in the UK, avoiding mass production and products wrapped in single use plastic.


Our own Hestia baskets are made in Vietnam, so they do have a way to travel. To minimise our carbon footprint, each piece is ethically handmade with materials that are locally and sustainably sourced by our factories. We also ship everything by sea, not by air, to lower our carbon emissions...


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