Hestia is an 'environment first' business, which means we are conscious to source most of our products from independents artists and makers here in the UK, avoiding mass production and products wrapped in single use plastic.


Our own Hestia baskets are made in Vietnam, so they do have a way to travel. To minimise our carbon footprint, each piece is ethically handmade with materials that are locally and sustainably sourced by our factories. We also ship everything by sea, not by air, to lower our carbon emissions. 

Although we package our products in enviro-boxes, we do currently send them out via UK couriers who are yet to switch to electric... hopefully options for eco deliveries will become more readily available soon! 

We're working so hard to make sure we're doing everything we can to be kind to our world. Because we do ship our products and use couriers, we're proud to partner with Ecologi and have already committed to planting 77 new trees across Madagascar, Mozambique and here in the UK this year, making our small business carbon positive!